Hemp Grain

Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil


✓ Processed in accordance with Global Food Safety Initiative Standards

We mechanically cold-press the whole hemp seed, never exceeding 150 F. Our proprietary filtering process removes the chlorophyll from the oil, while maintaining all nutritional properties of the hemp seed oil. This process leaves behind a pure, 100% plant-based ingredient that has a perfectly balanced omega profile of 3, 6, and 9. The versatility of our processing capabilities allows us to provide customers with a range of filtered and blended hemp seed oil combinations.

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Virgin: Earthy, Medium Nutty
Refined: Neutral, Light Nutty


Virgin: Dark Green
Refined: Clear, Translucent, & Golden


Food & Bev: Salad Dressings, Edible Oils, Cooking & Baking Oils, Dips
Cosmetics: Skin Creams, Makeup, Soaps, Salves, Hair Products
Animals: Food Additives, Supplements
Supplements: High Omega Vegan Fish Oil Replacement
Lubricants: Industrial Lubricants