We believe in hemp. 

In the 18th century Hemp was a staple of American’s lives. Hemp was used for clothes, rope, paper, medicines, and food. The Midwest was once known as the hemp belt of America, and during the brief re-legalization of hemp in the 1940’s to help support the war efforts, one of the largest hemp processing mills in the world of its time was located just one hour west of the Hemp Acres facility.

Hemp’s history in America dates back centuries, yet hemp in the 21st century is uncharted territory.  

There are few who know much about the entire plant and its potential.  Hemp Acres founder, Charles Levine, is one of them. 

For the past seven years, Charles has immersed himself in the plant; learning about hemp’s history, nutritional properties, sustainable nature, how to grow hemp, how to process hemp, and hemp’s innumerable applications. He was one of the first licensed hemp growers and the first licensed hemp processor in the state of Minnesota.  

Charles built Hemp Acres from the ground up on a farm in Waconia, Minnesota.  The farm became his incubator to prove his hemp processing concept.  Now, Hemp Acres is the largest wholesale producer of grain, botanical extract, and fiber ingredients in the nation.  Hemp Acres is on a mission to widely introduce hemp back into the American market.

Our Story 



In 2016, Minnesota adopted a hemp pilot program.  Charles Levine, founder of Hemp Acres, recognized this movement as a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a hemp processor in Minnesota.  He begins developing a small scale operation on his farm in Waconia, MN.  


The 2018 farm bill passed, removing hemp (under .3% thc) from the controlled substance act.  In the same year, Hemp Acres received it's food manufacturing license, and began selling GRAS (generally recognized as safe) hemp ingredients to food and cosmetic manufacturers. 


In 2019, Hemp Acres added botanical extracts to its processing capabilities.


Due to an increased demand for food ingredients, Hemp Acres expanded into a 37,000 square foot warehouse in Waconia, Minnesota and began construction to meet processing capacity of 50,000 acres of hemp grain.  



Hemp Acres opens its new location, becoming the largest hemp food producer in the nation, ready to meet customer demand. Simultaneously, Hemp Acres receives large demand for hurd and fiber ingredients justifying the investment for fiber separation equipment, becoming the only processor in the nation to handle all three commodities derived from the hemp plant.


The Hemp Acres Advantage

American Made

Supporting the American economy
We work with American farmers, process in the USA, and employ American distribution services. 

Quality & Consistency 

A premium product, every time 
We pride ourselves on our consistency and our attention to detail. All of our products are uniquely crafted to produce a consistent high quality hemp ingredient.


Nothing goes to waste
We use every part of the plant.  The seeds make our grain ingredients. The leafy flower buds are used to make our botanical extract ingredients. And the stalk is used to make our hemp hurd and fiber ingredients. 


We can always meet your needs
We are the largest hemp processing facility in America, built for scale to meet your needs. 

The hemp plant has the power to revolutionize not just one, but many industries for the better.  Let's bring hemp back.