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My yearling filly was in a pasture accident and sustained an injury that caused nerve damage. As she was healing she had a lot of pain associated with the nerve damage. I started her on Hemp Acres pellets and I am seeing huge improvements in her comfort level, increased mobility, and she seems much less agitated.

—Steph Caston


This spring my horse showed many symptoms of headshaking syndrome. I was first advised to try dyna-taurine which seemed to help a little bit. Then a friend told me she was having some success with Hemp Acres hemp pellets in a similar condition. When I tried it, within a few days I could tell a marked improvement. I stopped a few days and the symptoms came right back . When I gave it to him again he was much better and more relaxed. I do think this is a great product.

— Linda


I’ve had my off the tracks Thoroughbred for a few years now, but something was different about this years Dressage season. He was a nervous wreck at shows, irritable and spooky. At this point, I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and was willing to try anything. While I was skeptical at first, THIS STUFF WORKS! My gelding has been on it for 3 month now, his last shows were a smashing success! No jitters or spooks, just smooth solid performances. Spooking used to mean the end of the ride and his brain leaving his body. Not only is the spooking decreased, but when he does get scared he can go right back to work. Hemp pellets have been wonderful for his sanity and mine!

— Natasha Arritt