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Hemp Seed Oil

When making our oil we source all of our hemp seed right here in the USA and process it in our food grade facility that's certified by the state. We start with seed grown right on our farm keeping it as local as possible. Having control over where we source our seed ensures we create the highest quality oil on the market. Furthermore, once the oil is cold pressed we filter and refine it to under 1 micron. This refinement removes the chlorophyll and metals creating a stable product that will last for years. It’s important to note that most hemp seed oils being sold on the market today that say they’re “refined” aren’t removing the chlorophyll or metals causing the product to be unstable with a greenish color instead of a purified gold like ours. 


Hemp has been a part of agriculture for thousands of years. Even dating back as far as 6000 B.C. in modern day China, there is evidence of hemp being used in their everyday lives. One of the most widely used bi-products of hemp throughout history has been the incorporation of hemp seed oil. These oils are very important as they contain essential fatty and amino acids and produce a rich nutty flavor. This makes it perfect for consumption whether used as a salad dressing, drizzled over pasta, cooking oil, or our favorite, a carrier for CBD. These oils also have many topical benefits and are highly sought after in the cosmetics industry as they can be mixed into creams, lotions, and salves.

Hemp Oil vs CBD

You maybe wondering what the difference is between CBD oil and hemp seed oil as these two are often confused for one another. The confusion mainly lies in their origin. CBD and hemp seed oil are both extracted from the hemp plant however they come from different parts of the plant and have different intended uses. Hemp seed oil, as the name suggests, is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant and contains absolutely no CBD. This oil is currently used as a cooking ingredient, topically in the form of creams and lotions, and as a carrier in our tinctures. CBD, on the other hand, is extracted from the hemp flower, used therapeutically, and is currently being studied for its medicinal properties.

Our Oil

To be clear, hemp seed oil is NOT the same as CBD and are two completely separate components of the hemp plant. However, we mix our CBD distillate and isolate with our hemp seed oil to make our tinctures. This allows us to provide you with the purest, 100% hemp based product on the market. If you'd like our hemp seed oil to make your own tinctures, we sell in bulk sizes. If you'd like to start making your own, visit our turnkey page found here! We sell our oil in varying sizes to fit your needs. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions regarding our hemp seed oil

Hemp Seed Oil