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Farmers are where it all begins. 

Hemp Acres contracts with local farmers to grow and cultivate the hemp plant to be processed at Hemp Acres food-grade facility.

Hemp is a small seed that likes lots of nitrogen, warm, well-drained soils. In northern climates, hemp is typically sowed the first week of June with a grain drill, 6- 7 inch row spacing, 1/4 inch depth, and a seeding rate of 30 lb to the acre.  

The tops of the hemp plant are harvested at the end of September to early October, straight-cut with either a bean head or swathed windrowed and picked up with a combine. 

Proper handling of the grain is of utmost importance. Avoid using augers to minimize damage when handling the grain, as the seed is small, fragile, and filled with oil. Immediately after harvesting use belt conveyors or air to move the grain in and out of the bin, supplied with an adequate source of air and/or bin agitation. 

How It Works 












Purchase the hemp seeds from Hemp Acres' preferred partners. 
Plant the hemp seed early to late June, and harvest it late September to early October.
The hemp grain is harvested with a traditional combine using practices similar to wheat or soybeans. 
Store the grain in full floor aerated bins or smooth wall hopper bins with air.
Deliver the hemp grain to Hemp Acres & get paid at fixed prices, upon meeting spec requirements.


Why Grow Hemp

- Hemp is a cash crop that can fit into traditional rotations.

- Hemp requires low management with a quick maturity. 

- Hemp is a fantastic transition crop to organic farming.

Why Grow Hemp with Hemp Acres

Our farmers are not just our suppliers, they are our partners. We are looking for dedicated, experienced individuals to help us bring hemp back to America and generate mass innovation across multiple industries.  

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