Hemp Applications

One Plant With 25,000 Different Applications

We use every part of the Hemp plant to grow a better world for future generations. Learn about the different hemp applications and how your company might consider using hemp to supplement your traditional ingredients.

Whole Hemp Seeds

Once harvested, the hemp seeds are dried down to 8-9% moisture, stored in grain bins on farms around the midwest, eventually delivered to Hemp Acres. Before processing, the seeds are cleaned in-house to 99.9%. The seeds are then processed into hemp seed oil, emp cake, protein powders, hemp hearts, and roasted hemp seeds.

Grain Applications

Hemp Buds

The flowering buds and leafs of the hemp plant are covered in essential oils. Using supercritical co2, botanical oils are extracted into terpenes, floral waxes, full spectrum distillates and isolates.

Botanical Extract Applications

Hemp Stalk

The hemp stalk is composed of an outer Bast Fiber and an inner woody hurd with a hollow core.s Separation (aka. decordication) is the process of removing and cleaning the inner hurd from the outer fiber which allows for the two ingredients to be used as an ingredient for different applications.

Stalk Applications