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Hemp Acres grows, processes, and distributes high quality hemp ingredients at scale.

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Hemp Acres processes hemp grain, botanical extracts, and hemp stalk to supply manufacturers with plant-based ingredients to create super foods, cosmetics, supplements, and innovative technologies.
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Hemp is the answer to a sustainable future

The hemp plant is the most sustainable solution to usher in a new era of food production, supplemental products, and plant based technologies.

Made in America

Hemp built America. Its innumerable uses supplied Americans for centuries until the early 1900’s when special interest groups realized the power of hemp and lobbied against the plant to protect their industries.

With the 2018 Farm bill, hemp was removed from the controlled substance act allowing for hemp to legally be grown nation wide.

Hemp Acres is on a mission to bring hemp back to America; to cloth us, to house us, to feed us, to fuel us, to positively change our lives.

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