Botanical Extracts

Hemp Cannabinoids


The terpeneless flower is first activated via a decarboxylation process.  Next, the activated flower goes through Co2 extraction to extract the crude product.  The crude CBD (60% CBD) is then winterized to precipitate the fat and waxes out of the solution.  This results in a winterized crude (70% CBD) that is then distilled to produce full spectrum CBD distillate (85-90% CBD).  Finally, we use a deep freezing process to isolate the CBD compound and crash it out of solution into a pure compliant white powder, known as our CBD isolate (99% CBD).

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Full Spectrum CBD Distillate: Bitter, Smokey, & Flavorless
CBD Isolate: Bitter & Flavorless


Full Spectrum CBD Distillate: Clear Amber
CBD Isolate: White Powder


Cosmetics: Lotions, Salves, Muscle Rubs, Makeup
Supplements: Herbal Supplements