Hemp Applications For Food & Beverages

Plant-based foods are on the rise. High in fiber, and essential nutrients, plant-based foods reduce inflammation, and support your immune system. Hemp Acres grain ingredients are perfect substitutes to traditional ingredients found in popular CPG products. 

At a healthier, and more sustainable advantage, our hemp seed oil can be used as an edible oil, a cooking oil or a tasty salad dressing. Our higher fiber or 50%  protein powder can fold nicely into cereals, baking needs, beverages, or workout recovery products. Our hemp hearts and hemp seeds are healthy snack alternatives and meal additives. Finally Hemp Acres hemp milk is a satisfying plant-based dairy alternative.


 Ingredient Application Benefit
Hemp Seed Oil Edible Oil / Cooking Oil / Salad Dressing

- Omega 3 fatty acids abundant in hemp oil help to lower blood pressure. 

- Hemp's linoleic acid promotes heart health

Hemp Protein Powder (25% & 45%)

Cereals, Baking / Beverages / Workout Recovery Products
Full Spectrum Hemp Terpenes Plant-based flavor enhancer for beverages - natural plant-based additive